At the risk of revealing that I basically have too much free time/very little social life, one of my favourite parts of teaching is creating worksheets. I know, a bit weird. The worksheets below were created by me for teachers and students to utilise in the classroom or at home. Just click on the link to download the file. You can go through it on your computer/iPad/whatevs or print it out – whatever suits you best.

Requests for worksheets will also be considered.


  • This is a resource sheet that introduces students to the basics of designing alternative studies. It includes a general structural outline for alternative studies and some important things to remember for specific types of questions. Can be used as an information sheet for teachers and students.
    Information Sheet – Alternative studies


  • This is a very simple two-page worksheet with two questions: (a) Design an alternative study to the Bandura et al study using the field experiment method and describe how it could be conducted; (b) Evaluate this alternative way of studying aggression in practical and ethical terms. Both questions are for 10 marks each. Can be used as a class activity, revision sheet or homework.
    Worksheet – Bandura alternative field


  • This is a resource sheet that briefly explains how to tackle Paper 3’s Section B questions of description and evaluation. It starts with a few general tips and then gives advice on how to gain marks in both parts of this section. Can be used as a student information sheet or as a lesson resource for teachers.
    Information Sheet – Section B: Describe and evaluate