What is BlogPsychology?

Hey, hi, hello.

You’re probably a week away from your final exam and desperately searching for a psychology-related website that will make it easy to get that A (or A*, depending on how demanding your parents are). Well, there’s no way I can guarantee you an A (or happy parents) but what I can do is help you out with understanding some stuff. Okay, I can’t really promise you that either but hey, you’re here now, so let’s just carry on!

I’m a 21-year-old undergraduate student of psychology. I’m married, I work at/with a school, I love cats, and I am terrible at introductions, among other things. If there is something else about me that you have the urge to know for some inexplicable reason, go ahead and ask.

So, after surviving my A-levels, I was left with a pile of notes that my OCD prevented me from giving away. I thought, “Hey, I have so much free time and so little social life, I should start a WordPress blog!” but then I chickened out and, obviously, my next thought was, “I should make a blog-website-hybrid about CIE psychology!” because that’s, like, so much more interesting than updates about me.

And here it is: a little something to help you out.

If you need any extra support or if you have any suggestions, or if you just want to praise me for all the hard work I put into thi- no? Okay, well, just send in a comment. Also feel free to ask for any education-related advice and kindly disregard the fact that I have no formal counselling/education/psychology degrees whatsoever.


AUGUST 2016 UPDATE: You may have noticed that I’ve not been around lately – lots of questions left unanswered and e-mails without responses! I feel super bad for not being able to help you out as much but hey, hey, hey… I have a valid excuse (for once)… BABY ALERT. Once I’ve been able to achieve a balanced mama-lyf (or mastered the skill of typing with a baby dangling from my chest), I will do my best to catch up on everything here. If you do have any urgent requests or deadlines or if you’re just having a bit of an emotional student breakdown, just let me know! As always, thank you all for your patience!

FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE: You may have noticed that I’ve STILL not been around as much! Baby is almost 6-months-old (mashAllah) and I still don’t know where time goes! I still can’t promise all my time, of course, but I am able to finally allocate a little more time to you guys so PLEASE: if you have an unanswered question, feel free to send it in again and I’ll hopefully get back to you. The summer-time exams are coming up so don’t leave your work til the last minute! Looking forward to interacting with you all and remember, you can also contact me on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks once again for your patience!

OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE: Hello everyone! I’ve been on an extended break for quite some time but am now temporarily available for Tuition Classes and study help. Also, if you’ve sent me an email that I haven’t replied to but you’d still like some help, then please send me another email and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Thanks again for your patience. Good luck to everyone who is dealing with those pesky exams! XXX



214 thoughts on “What is BlogPsychology?

    • Hi there,

      This website is a compilation of my own notes, which I collected from a variety of sources, mainly online. I do own the Craig Roberts A Level Psychology book, but my notes are not really based on it, although of course in the end the material is the same! You can usually find these CIE endorsed textbooks by calling the publisher in your area or just order online if that’s possible. Lots of students also give away their second hand books so maybe speak to some old psychology students?


      • I use that book, but in the 2017 syllabus they have named a few different researchers that aren’t mentioned in the book; the book overall doesn’t quite cover the given syllabus.
        I wonder if this is a big deal for the A2 exam?

        Otherwise I only can use your page( which has become a lifesaver. ❀️) thank you so much xoxo

        • Ah, this is a common confusion of students in A2! Actually, the A2 syllabus mentions researchers in two ways. Some are mentioned by name and must be studied. Others are mentioned after “e.g.”, so they are actually just suggestions that are not 100% necessary for you to learn. The suggestions are just recommended relevant studies, but you can swap them with other relevant ones. That’s why some books don’t mention every researcher named in the syllabus.

          Take a look at the syllabus now and you’ll see what I mean! πŸ™‚

          I hope this helps you out. Also, thank you so much for the kind words!

          Maryam XXX

  1. Hey!
    I’m giving my A2 Psychology papers this month and your website has been a ton of help.
    So, I’ve chosen Health and the Models of Abnormality for the Specialist Choices.
    I manage to answer most of the questions, from the past papers, except the Evaluation bit.
    Could you please help me, by giving a few tips to answer this question.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi @Johanna
      I was wondering if you had any sample answers for A2 that you could share, as I am in dire need of some help and my exams are fast approaching, so if theres anything please contact me by email (sandhyajava25199@gmail.com) or leave comments here.

      Thank you,
      Sandhya Java

  2. Hi Maryam, I am doing my A2 psychology paper this November and my specialist choices are abnormality and health. Thanks to you i find the abnormality section manageable, but when I searched the health section I found out that some sections were incomplete , please iam begging you to upload the remaining health section, your notes are very clear and gives a clear cut understanding. And also by reading your As notes I found out that they were very helpful for the 2 As papers that I did.

    • Hi Rasesh,

      thank you for the kind words! I’m happy to hear the website has been useful for you. Although I really can’t make any promises, I will do my utmost to try to complete the Health notes before this session’s paper 3! In the meantime, you can look online for some other good resources.

      Best wishes,

  3. Asalam u alikum Maryam! Fellow Maryam, mom of 2, Alevel psychology student from Pakistan here! Coincidence? I think not.

    I’m in desperate need of guidance here. I’ve just recently quit some online classes because they werent that good. Ive gotten through my AS fine Inshallah. In exactly 2 weeks ill be taking A2 and I’m stuck! There’s half the syllabus to complete and I don’t know how to answer questions. Can you please please offer tuition for these 2 weeks? I specially need guidance in the checking pastpaper answers! Please reply ASAP.

    Ps. I love your blog. Thankyou for putting so much effort into helping us!

    • Hi there,

      Sorry but that section is incomplete and that’s why there’s nothing on the page. I’m going to try to complete it in a day or two, fingers crossed, so check back soon!

      Thank you XX

  4. hey there thanks for the online guide for psychology, i was wondering why isnt there anything under Health Psychology?

  5. If you screw up on your psych paper 1, will u get an A by doing the paper 2 and paper 3 really good ?????


  6. Hello Maryam!
    Do we have to know about studies other than the ones mentioned in the syllabus for P3? If so, where/how can I find them? My book is not very reliable (a waste of money in fact) so I would IMMENSELY appreciate a bit of help! My exam is very close and I’m kind of panicking here…
    Thanks in advance.

    P.S: your blog was a saviour for me last year and I ended up getting an amazing grade in AS ^_^

  7. Thank you so much for this blog, you don’t know how much it helps!

    Do you or anyone else know where I can find all the definitions from the book since I don’t have it? (Really need them)

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Floraah,

      Thank you SO much for the kind words! I am happy to hear that this blog helped you.

      Which definitions are you looking for? I have definitions of the syllabus keywords on my Core Content tab, if that’s what you were referring to. Let me know what you need exactly and I’ll try to help more!

      Thanks again,
      Maryam X

  8. Hi Maryam!
    I am an AS student. Having great difficulties in forming alternative studies ( compulsory question of paper2) could please provide with some resource or guidance,what should be included in it e.g should we write about experimental design,independent variables etc Also if you have any alternative studies for AS and share it with us that would be extremely helpful. Thank you sooo much!
    p.s: your blog is super helpful! God bless..

    • hey. you’re not alone. I’m also having great difficulty with the alternative Did you find any source or help regarding it? I’m really worried for it.
      if so, please share.
      Thanks either way. xx

    • – Aim
      – Research Method
      – Sample (age range, from where, sampling method)
      – Equipment used
      – Procedure
      – How data is collected
      – Any debriefing?
      – Use future tense such as will

  9. Heyy! This site and your notes helped me alot in my As level and Allhamdulillah I got an A but I am so confused and tensed because I don’t even have any complete book for A2 and don’t know where to start from as only 3 months are left. Can anyone please suggest me any book of abnormal and organisation? JazakAllah.

  10. Assalamualikum!!

    I have my psychology exam coming up and I want to know if you could please put up notes for Psychology and Education. If its not possible soon enough atleast could you send me some sites from where I can get the notes.

  11. Do you perhaps have a solved paper for paper 3. All sections? Omg, i know thats like too much to ask for but i only need an example of how im supposed to answer the questions in paper 3. Which i have no idea how to do i have my exam in two days and im completely lost. Not an explanation but the sample, because explanations do no good. I could buy the revision guide which has sample answers and all, but that all takes time and money. Which is a waste considering i only need to study a few pages so i would really appreiciate if you or anyone else here has an example paper where a student has solved the questions in paper 3

  12. The question I have is … In section C of the end of chapter questions, a lot of the questions ask you – On what psychological is your suggestion based. I have found that in the Health section and the Abnormality section.

    Please could you give me an example of what they are looking for. Are they asking for example – social psychology,developmental psychology etc or behavioural perspective etc.

    Kind regards,


    • Hello Carryn, I am a fellow student of A2 Levels Psychology. As far as I know the question you are referring to asks what theory your suggestion is based on. Just put down the theory and why you chose it…that’s about it.

  13. Hello Maryam!
    Thank you for everything. ❀️ Could you please tell me when will you post the notes for Psychology and Education?
    Thanks in advance.


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