AS Psychology

The CIE AS psychology exam consists of two papers:

AS exam screenshot


4 thoughts on “AS Psychology

  1. got an A this year in as psychology because of you!!!! thank you so much i dont know how i would survive tbh i legit felt i was going to fail bc my teacher wasnt really the best, thank you so much

  2. hey maryam!
    could you please answer this question for me?
    ) Discuss the extent to which reductionism is useful in psychology. Give reasons for your
    answer. )

  3. Hello Maryam,

    I’m writing my A2 paper in May. And i’m still confused between which 2 approaches is best. I’m definitely going for abnormality but i don’t know if i should go for health or education. Which one do you think is more straight forward?

    Would appreciate your help



    • Hi there Amna,

      Have you completed the syllabus for Health AND Education? If you have, which approach’s content is more memorable and interesting to you? Make your decision based on your own personal preference. I found Education more interesting than Health BUT I had learnt the content for Health much more deeply and properly. I found the questions a little easier to answer too.

      Honestly, it really depends on how comfortable you are with the content. If you feel the same way about both, you could always wait and see which approach has a “better” question in your exam and then go for that. But that does mean you’ll be spending longer on revision because you’ll have an extra approach to focus on.

      Sorry if this is confusing! Honestly, look at what you know better and can remember more easily. Let me know what you decide to do!

      Best wishes,
      Maryam X

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