If you look below, you can see the different things that will be studied in each sub-section of the ‘psychology and organisations’ topic.

Psychology and organisations

a.) The selection of people for work

  • Selection of people for work
  • Personnel selection decisions and job analysis
  • Performance appraisal.

b.) Motivation to work

  • Need theories of motivation
  • Motivation and goal-setting
  • Motivators at work.

c.) Leadership and management

  • Theories of leadership
  • Leadership styles and effectiveness
  • Leaders and followers.

d.) Group behaviour in organisations

  • Group dynamics, cohesiveness and teamwork
  • Decision-making
  • Group conflict.

e.) Organisational work conditions

  • Physical and psychological work conditions
  • Temporal conditions of work environments
  • Ergonomics.

f.) Satisfaction at work

  • Job design
  • Measuring job satisfaction
  • Attitudes to work.

6 thoughts on “Organisations

  1. Hey I’m an A2 student and I’m having alot of problem in answering an 8 mark answer in section B paper 3. Can you please help me out as I’m not sure if we have to write all the details in part A or we just have to describe it briefly like a 1-2 page answer.
    Including all the details the answer is about 4 to 5 pages and that consumes alot of time.
    Please help me out😊

  2. Hi
    Many thanks for the resource! I am struggling writing the evaluation question of organization psychology and hard to relate it to any issues and debates…Do you have some other resources about organization that you would suggest?

  3. Hi
    Do you think you could put up the other three organization lessons as well? My exam is coming soon and I’m mainly self studying and this is the best resource I have. Do you have any other resources you could suggest?

    • Hi!

      Yes, a few people have asked for notes so I’ve promised to try to finish the last three chapters by the end of next week, hopefully. I’ll start uploading the chapters on Wednesday though, latest, because I’m not at home for the next few days.

      Thank you!

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