Below is the list of different areas that will be studied in each sub-section of this topic.

Psychology and health

a.) The patient-practitioner relationship

  • practitioner and patient interpersonal skills
  • patient and practitioner diagnosis and style
  • misusing health services

b.) Adherence to medical device

  • Types of non-adherence and reasons why patients don’t adhere
  • Measuring adherence/non-adherence
  • Improving adherence

c.) Pain

  • Types and theories of pain
  • Measuring pain
  • Managing and controlling pain

d.) Stress

  • Causes/sources of stress
  • Measures of stress
  • Management of stress

e.) Health promotion

  • Methods for promoting health
  • Promoting health in schools, worksites and communities
  • Promoting health of a specific person

f.) Health and safety

  • Definitions, causes and examples
  • Accident proneness and personality
  • Reducing accidents and promoting safety behaviours