The ‘psychology and abnormality’ topic is definitely a large one. If you look below, you can see the different things that will be studied in each sub-section.

Psychology and abnormality

a.) Models of abnormality

  • definitions of abnormality
  • models of abnormality
  • treatments of abnormality.

b.) Schizophrenia

  • types, symptoms and characteristics of schizophrenia
  • explanations of schizophrenia
  • treatments for schizophrenia.

c.) Abnormal affect

  • types, characteristics, examples and sex differences
  • explanations of depression
  • treatments for depression.

d.) Addiction and impulse control disorders

  • definitions, types and characteristics of addictions
  • causes of addiction and impulse control disorders
  • coping with and reducing addiction and impulse control disorders.

e.) Anxiety disorders (phobias)

  • definitions, types/examples (case studies) of phobias
  • explanations of phobias
  • treating phobias.

f.) Anxiety disorders (obsessions and compulsions)

  • definitions, measures and examples of obsessions and compulsions
  • explanations of obsessive/compulsive disorder
  • treatments for obsessive/compulsive disorder.

3 thoughts on “Abnormality

  1. Hey, if a question was to ask “Describe what psychologists had found about … AND include a discussion about …” something along that line, what do you suggest I put for the discussion part? Thanks in advance for answering!

  2. Hey I’m an A2 student and I’m having alot of problem in answering an 8 mark answer in section B paper 3. Can you please help me out as I’m not sure if we have to write all the details in part A or we just have to describe it briefly like a 1-2 page answer.
    Including all the details the answer is about 4 to 5 pages and that consumes alot of time.
    Please help me out😊

    • Hey Iqra, the 8 mark question in paper 3 requires you to mention a few things from each bullet point from that section of the syllabus. For example, if the question is “Describe what psychologists have discovered about models of abnormality” then you need to discuss a couple of things from:
      *Models of abnormality
      It will probably take you about 5/6 well described paragraphs. In other sections that will mean including explanations of the suggested studies in the syllabus. Hope that helps.

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