The ‘psychology and abnormality’ topic is definitely a large one. If you look below, you can see the different things that will be studied in each sub-section.

Psychology and abnormality

a.) Models of abnormality

  • definitions of abnormality
  • models of abnormality
  • treatments of abnormality.

b.) Schizophrenia

  • types, symptoms and characteristics of schizophrenia
  • explanations of schizophrenia
  • treatments for schizophrenia.

c.) Abnormal affect

  • types, characteristics, examples and sex differences
  • explanations of depression
  • treatments for depression.

d.) Addiction and impulse control disorders

  • definitions, types and characteristics of addictions
  • causes of addiction and impulse control disorders
  • coping with and reducing addiction and impulse control disorders.

e.) Anxiety disorders (phobias)

  • definitions, types/examples (case studies) of phobias
  • explanations of phobias
  • treating phobias.

f.) Anxiety disorders (obsessions and compulsions)

  • definitions, measures and examples of obsessions and compulsions
  • explanations of obsessive/compulsive disorder
  • treatments for obsessive/compulsive disorder.

One thought on “Abnormality

  1. Hey I’m an A2 student and I’m having alot of problem in answering an 8 mark answer in section B paper 3. Can you please help me out as I’m not sure if we have to write all the details in part A or we just have to describe it briefly like a 1-2 page answer.
    Including all the details the answer is about 4 to 5 pages and that consumes alot of time.
    Please help me out😊

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