What is BlogPsychology?

Hey, hi, hello.

You’re probably a week away from your final exam and desperately searching for a psychology-related website that will make it easy to get that A (or A*, depending on how demanding your parents are). Well, there’s no way I can guarantee you an A (or happy parents) but what I can do is help you out with understanding some stuff. Okay, I can’t really promise you that either but hey, you’re here now, so let’s just carry on!

I’m a 21-year-old undergraduate student of psychology. I’m married, I work at/with a school, I love cats, and I am terrible at introductions, among other things. If there is something else about me that you have the urge to know for some inexplicable reason, go ahead and ask.

So, after surviving my A-levels, I was left with a pile of notes that my OCD prevented me from giving away. I thought, “Hey, I have so much free time and so little social life, I should start a WordPress blog!” but then I chickened out and, obviously, my next thought was, “I should make a blog-website-hybrid about CIE psychology!” because that’s, like, so much more interesting than updates about me.

And here it is: a little something to help you out.

If you need any extra support or if you have any suggestions, or if you just want to praise me for all the hard work I put into thi- no? Okay, well, just send in a comment. Also feel free to ask for any education-related advice and kindly disregard the fact that I have no formal counselling/education/psychology degrees whatsoever.


AUGUST 2016 UPDATE: You may have noticed that I’ve not been around lately – lots of questions left unanswered and e-mails without responses! I feel super bad for not being able to help you out as much but hey, hey, hey… I have a valid excuse (for once)… BABY ALERT. Once I’ve been able to achieve a balanced mama-lyf (or mastered the skill of typing with a baby dangling from my chest), I will do my best to catch up on everything here. If you do have any urgent requests or deadlines or if you’re just having a bit of an emotional student breakdown, just let me know! As always, thank you all for your patience!

FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE: You may have noticed that I’ve STILL not been around as much! Baby is almost 6-months-old (mashAllah) and I still don’t know where time goes! I still can’t promise all my time, of course, but I am able to finally allocate a little more time to you guys so PLEASE: if you have an unanswered question, feel free to send it in again and I’ll hopefully get back to you. The summer-time exams are coming up so don’t leave your work til the last minute! Looking forward to interacting with you all and remember, you can also contact me on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks once again for your patience!

OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE: Hello everyone! I’ve been on an extended break for quite some time but am now temporarily available for Tuition Classes and study help. Also, if you’ve sent me an email that I haven’t replied to but you’d still like some help, then please send me another email and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Thanks again for your patience. Good luck to everyone who is dealing with those pesky exams! XXX



214 thoughts on “What is BlogPsychology?

  1. Hello Maryam,
    This is Sandhya, We have spoken a few times through emaily and I requested you to share details about sample answers with me and I’ve tried emailing a bunch of times but you have’nt written back, Please do let me know… My exams are getting closer and i really need those sample answers.

    Thanks xx

  2. Hey,
    I was wondering if it was necessary to remember the name of researchers and years for the different case studies in each bullet point of the specialist choices?

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